I thrive where business strategy meets IT and where I can work with people to achieve and obtain goals. I have been working closely with project managers and designers as a developer and developers, designers and marketers as a project manager/IT manager using agile principles. This means that I have a deep understanding of development, user experiences and design as well as business when it comes to IT.

As a project manager / IT manager the people I work with respect me for my people oriented mindset. I believe that having a people oriented mindset when trying to achieve goals is the most effective approach and a perspective of leading that benefits the business as well as the individual.

As a person I am open minded, humble and I respect people's opinions. I am very work minded and conversations during lunch often relates to work rather than personal life. I am pragmatic, learn fast and adaptable. I strive for professionalism and knowledge and I am very ambitious.


I am currently working as CTO at Camping Vision (Friferie, Dansk Bilferie, Lux-camp and Allcamps) where I am responsible for several business critical projects as well as the overall technical strategy for the company. I manage the IT department of 15 people together with one of the part owners where we have split the projects and people management between us.

At Camping Vision I have been working with the following interesting projects:

  • Development of a new Booking system and CMS (international project)
  • Development of several new websites (international project)
  • Introduced and implemented agile principles in the IT department
  • IT emergency strategy and operational plan (as part of GDPR)
  • App development project (international project)
  • Infrastructure migration from various systems and infrastructures

Freelance project manager

As a project manager and technical advisor I have lead an international team of 7 people with various competencies from marketing to business in the development of a new app from idea to market. When the project started there was a rough idea and 3 months later the app was in the app stores and in use at the biggest campsite in Europe.

Frontend developer

At SEAS NVE I have been responsible for the further development of the self service platform, that serves up to 400.000 customers. I have been working closely with the product owner using Scrum as project methodology and provided counseling across the organization regarding frontend development.


I have been working as a freelancer while studying, developing projects through and for companies as Think! Digital, html24, Revolt, HK Pension, Epico and Mind4IT.

As a freelancer I have managed stakeholders, responsibilities and managed deliverables with hard deadlines.

Web developer

At Reload! I have been working as a web developer developing larger websites. At Reload! I have gained tremendous experience working in teams with Scrum and other agile principles as agile documentation and code quality assurance processes.

AP Degree Leadership and Management

I am currently studying an AP Degree in Leadership and Management during the evenings at KEA and as online studies taking 2 courses at a time. I expect to take the final exam during winter 2018.

AP Degree Computer Science

I have been studying Computer Science full time at the Copenhagen Business Academy, where I have learned working after agile principles developing JavaScript applications. During my studies I have learned about UML, project methodologies and development best practices.

Web development / Highschool

I have been studying web development and high school classes full time at RTS in Roskilde where I have had classes as English B, Math B, Danish A and Communication A.

Project management

I have been studying project management at KEA as a single course. During my studies I have been working with stakeholder management, risk management, project planning and other project management related theories.


Project management tools
I have been working with Jira and Microsoft Team Foundation for project management as a developer and project manager. I have also been working with Microsoft Project for non agile project planning.

I have experience working with technologies as JavaScript, Html, css, PHP and frameworks/systems as Sitecore, Drupal, WordPress, AngularJS, React, Laravel as well as several others.

I have experience working with software as Photoshop, Git, InDesign, Microsoft Office 365 and G-Suite.